Monday, April 20, 2009


Hi Ladies!

So I will tell you about myself and this project. My name is Carly and I am 20 years old but dont let my age fool you I have had a lot of media experience since the age of 16 and am currently two years into my media degree. I have decided to take a year of and learn more about myself and hopefully get my dream of this magazine off the ground!

This inspiration came about three years ago when I was watching an episode of Oprah. It was on what women of the world and what they do in their daily routines. I was shocked to learn that an iraqi mother ordered dominos for dinner! I then came to the realisation that the cultural devide between women is not as vast as we think! We have so much to share and learn from each other and I want this to be a positive platform for that.

So at the tender age of 18 I was forming business plans and pitches and devouring many books on magazine management. I have always had this drive and this year after a series of events I find myself ready to embark on this project. It seems like a long shot and believe you me I know! But this is the first step to find the creative passionate women who would like to join me in creating this project. My plans are to start off online and see where it goes from there!


Carly -

Comments and contributions welcome! Dont be shy!

If you can dream it, you can do it! - Walt Disney!


Renee said...

Congratulations on your achievements Carly. You sound amazing and a total go-getter.

I am very interested in what you have going on.

Keep me posted and good luck on this project.

Renee xoxoxo

Womans World Magazine said...

Thank you so much Renee! Its only early days but what I was thinking was getting women to contribute to this site, things about themselves aand then I will make a site the hopefully from then on we will have a magazine!

Email me any ideas or contributions you have they would be much appreciated!