Monday, July 12, 2010


The anger and the disappointment I feel there are no words I can type can describe the pain. I have a few characteristic flaws, but hating is not one of them. I have no bones on giving a friend or family member a compliant. But most importantly, I’m extremely supportive to my friends, it never seems to amaze me when people clearly hate on you.

I have not really accomplished much in my life, so what will happen when I do accomplish all my dreams. What? I will have no friends! I am fish grease hot because the truth freaking hurts. It really hurts!

So what would happen if you thought about someone else other then yourself? What would happen if you gave someone a compliant instead of criticism? What would happen that you are genuinely happy for someone who has accomplished something you wanted to accomplish? What would happen if you loved unconditionally?

Why should I be uncomfortable to live my life around you, share my accomplishments and joys? Why? I don’t get it!

Chantale Merchant

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