Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aspartame Sweetener: The Bitter Truth

Good morning all!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you an extremely enlightening blog article by my friend Lille over at ~Woodstock Lily~. She is constantly a source of inspiration, hope, and positive energy, if you don't know her already please go check out her blog. You'll be a fan, I promise! :)

Anyway, the other day she posted about the dangers of Aspartame in our everyday foods.

I personally have terrible reactions to anything in food or beverages that is not "real" sugar. Nutri-sweet, aspartame, stevia, etc. Makes me sick. All of it. While it's not a life-changing issue for me, it does bring it's fair amount of ridicule because people refuse to believe that it's truly bothering me. Most seem to think that I "just don't like it"... ridiculous! 

After reading her post, I am so happy that I have been listening to my body and the cues it's been giving me loud and clear about it's aversion to artificial sweeteners. (Stomach cramps, nausea, etc.) Check it out, inform yourself, and take care of your body! It's the only one you get...

You can click HERE to read the original post, and I have also pasted the text below for your convenience. She's included some really informative reading for a more extensive look into the dangers of aspartame, be sure to check those out too!

Have a great week!!

"Aspartame: White Death" by ~Woodstock Lily~

"I feel an obligation to my readers to share what I've learned about aspartame, and a new name manufacturers will be listing it under, Neotame. Aspartame is found in 1000's of products we use everyday, and with the new changes being allowed in ingredient labeling laws, we may not see it on the ingredients except under "natural flavors". Carmel coloring is another deadly ingredient that is listed as a natural flavor on many products including all cola beverages. You may want to read recent findings about it here. Carmel Coloring and Cancer

People, this is scary. Aspartame was originally named Neotex-II and was formulated for a chemical weapon. The chemist who developed it accidentally discovered it tasted sweet when he licked his finger. Aspartame is 40 times sweeter than sugar and is cheap to make. This poison causes brain tumors, birth defects, blindness, infertility, miscarriages, and tons of other breakdowns to the human body. It's a poison!!

Below is a video from Truther Girls, "Neotame: Chemical Weapon in your Coffee" that spells out the truth about what is in your diet beverages, and most all processed foods. It's time we all take responsibility for what we put in our bodies. You are better off using regular sugar but I caution you here, as well. The fact of the matter is that sugar, and high fructose sweeteners made from corn, are in my opinion, and many other natural health specialists, another form of "white death", too. If you are pregnant DO NOT use Aspartame. Do not consume or give your children chewing gum or diet drinks. Please read your labels and eat more real food. There's a reason they call it Die-t food.

Neotame: Chemical Weapon in your Coffee

For more information and sources to read, Truther Girl has a post, "Neotame, a Sweet New Poison" you can check out for yourselves (below) about how this has been allowed in our foods and is killing us. It is eye opening, and I beg you to read it, and watch the video above. Please feel free to link back to me about this, and post this on your blogs or facebook pages. I welcome your comments and experiences with this white death masquerader.

"Neotame, a Sweet New Poison""


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Aspartame was NOT developed as a chemical weapon. It was being developed as a new blood pressure medication.