Monday, June 21, 2010

What's Up?

I live in an amazingly beautiful world. 
Sometimes it's so easy to have tunnel vision and see only the the part I'm hurriedly focused on. The rest is smudged into a foggy haze, overlooked but always there. Waiting humbly to be noticed. Appreciated. Enjoyed.

When I look up from where I'm placed in this world I'm surrounded by beauty. I often miss this in my day as my eyes bore the road only straight ahead of me.

As I begin to focus more clearly on what is beyond. Small glimpse of wonder appear. Is that really always there. I know in my heart it is. But I forget to look.

It needn't be extravagant to marvel at the beauty that surrounds. When I look for it I will find it everywhere. The truest colours of life are exposed. 
A palette that no earthly artist could ever compare.

There she comes. I only need to walk that bit closer. In the right direction till I find what I'm looking for.

The Magnificence is always far higher and real than any wall man can build.



Marnie said...

what beautiful pictures Widge! Thanks for sharing :0)

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great photos...the mountains in the background look magnificent!!!

Katherine Jenkins said...

Widge-I love this photo collage and pictures. Your words are very simple, yet so true!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh you're a good girl Widgey!

Rebel Road Sister said...

Lovely photos. It is easy to forget the beauty around us, this post reminded me to take my time, look around, and breathe it all in!