Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Eclipse is a-Comin'

Okay... we’re into the next of the Eclipses. On Wednesday 22 July at 03.35 in London (which I think is Wednesday 22 July at 12.35 in Sydney and Tuesday 21 July at 22:35 in New York) we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse. Not only will it be beautiful as a Total Eclipse of the Sun – if you happen to be in China to see it when it happyhaps – but it’s also a looooong solar eclipse. Over six minutes, yeah baby. Watch You Tube for safe viewings! And backing music! And cooing and gasping from lookers-on!

As an astrologer, Eclipses aren’t just gorgeous to look at (safely through your rear view mirror wearing protective goggles) they are also incredible cosmic events that show where opportunity for change and the chance to close doors and take a leap of faith are being ushered in. While human beans aren’t great fans of change, there are times when just knowing that a gut feeling stirring in your waters has a kernel of truth in – and a touch of Cosmic Support – maybe the extra boost of courage we need to fly. And New Moon Eclipses are magical times to make wishes for New Starts…

The How To… By Candlelight?

Sometimes recognising Our Truth and What We Need to Change is as simple as taking a bit of time out to just sit and chew over a feeling until it gets brave enough to say it in words. I once read an article by Nicki Michaels, an astrologer and life coach, in which she suggested to a client that they ask themselves, “What was I born to manifest?” and then to see what emerged from the subconscious. We so often ask for what we want (a darling pair of Vivienne Westwood sunglasses, George Clooney, a boss with a sense of humour…) rather than remembering what it is we really need (an hour a day to exercise our bodies, the courage to say no without getting defensive, George Clooney). Did I just say George Clooney?

So as we come into a marvellous portal for change, what we really need is to focus our minds as we ask for some Cosmic support. As a freelance journo, I once had the overwhelming privilege of interviewing a white witch. We spoke on the phone and then as she was visiting a town near me a few weeks later I went along to meet her. The energy field around this woman was awesome – I mean from about a metre away, there was a force-field booming, ‘Stand Back! This is my space. Did you hear me?! I said this is my space…!’ Incredible. One of the tips she gave me was to strengthen a request to the Universe by burning a yellow candle to Mercury, the planet of communication, on a Wednesday (Wednesday being His day, yasee).

And so. This coming Wednesday is not only a Mercury Day, but is also a big kahuna of a New Moon Eclipse. So it’s time to grab some Cosmic fairy dust! Find yourself 10 minutes. Sit in the glow of a shiny yellow candle to (a) focus the grey cells and (b) bank some face time with the ears of destiny… then ask, listen, and then get ready to act. All great things to you. And warmth, peace, and humour too.

** On a health and safety tip, please remember that candles, while beautiful, are still fire. And if you’re likely to doze off in meditation, perhaps put the burning candle in the kitchen sink and lay out some scatter cushions on the floor nearby with a comfort blanket and some toasty slippers. And, if you need to be up at a particular time, an alarm clock... **

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Marie S said...

Thank you Tatty it is great to know there is something I might do to focus this scattered energy!!
Glad to see your post here.
Love and hugs.