Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Normal

I remember when the smell of fresh cut grass reminded me of home. When the sound of baseball cleats on cement was the sound of my summer, and waking up in the morning to remove the box fans from the windows and close up the house for the day was the usual.

I spent my formative year in the small town of Dublin, CA. My parents relocated almost 5 years ago. Since their move I have been back to visit a few times, but spent our trip sitting at my grandfather’s house, in a Marriott hotel, or were just there for a quick 2 day trip.

I went back. For a week surrounding my sister’s wedding.
It was exactly the same, but not how I remembered it at all.

The streets seemed to have shrunk. The roads were shorter. There was more traffic, taller buildings, more development and a city I barely recognized.

Yet it felt safe, familiar, almost like home. All the fundraisers I completed as a class officer BUILT a new sports complex at the high school. My house was painted, re-landscaped and completely different- but the memories came flooding back.

Sitting in the pool all summer.
Looking for bones in the cow graveyard.
Collecting newts in the street after a big rain.
Watching Baseball game after baseball game
Tping our neighbors house and being busted by undercover cops
The places I worked
the Lucky turned Albertson's turned Lucky Grocery store
Bagel Bakery
The night i mastered the stick shift
Johnny's Doughnuts
Parties at Cory's house
Rolling through stop signs

It was nice to be back.

After being crammed in a hotel room for a week surrounded by wedding stuff [invitations/pictures/Sheppard’s hooks/hanging balls/candy jars/dresses/presents],making it through the baseball game, the play, the BBQ, rehersal dinner and the wedding: I was ready to go home.

To MY HOME. Back to Utah, to my new normal.

Landing in Salt Lake was like being home. When I moved out here to complete my education, I never thought I would stay. I never thought I would have a UT state drivers license. I never thought this would become my home.

Maybe it is because it was HERE that I gained confidence in myself- came into my own as a person.
IT might be that it was in Utah I made my lifelong friends. The ones I will always keep.

It was here that I fell in love & had my heart broken.

It was this place that tested my spirit, challenged me to grow.

While living here I finished my schooling, started my career, spent years learning who I am.

So as I drove my little sister home I rolled down the window of my car. I followed the gentle curve of the road and breathed deeply the smells of my new home. Wet hay. Fresh rain. Cow manure.

I smiled, knowing that home is where your family is. And finally, I am ok knowing this my home, and I like it here.

♥ Single Girl


kSbl said...

That was beautiful.
I love the feeling of 'home'.


LDWatkins said...

Lovely description of home! It does soften the heart and make us sing.

Single Girl said...

IT is weird how the feeling of home can be so comforting.

And when we least expect it, home is a new place. Just as safe and comforting as the last.

Womans World Magazine said...

This was so beautifully written and so true! We have all felt this at one point in our lives.

lilybox said...

This is so beautiful! no place like home.

gail said...

Hi,, what a lovely post. And oooh so true. Its funny how things change when you go back where you came from, but home is where you are now.
Have a great day.

Transparent Mama said...

Sometimes going back makes us realize that our present is right where we are supposed to be. Thanks for sharing this and coming by to see me.