Friday, July 10, 2009

Cool Journals for practically nothing

I think that everyone should journal and I think that they should have a notebook to showcase their thoughts, as if each thought and word is very special, because it is.

I like to buy journals that look great and speak to this need.
If you write a lot this can be a never ending chore of looking for something to emulate how you feel and think. And if you don't write anything, the prospect of finding something that will honor those words can be an intimidating journey.
This project just might be the answer to that. It is a special place where we can write our thoughts down that is our personal space like our home decorated with the things we so love. I can survive my artsy life with out a journal but I choose not too.
And for those of you just starting to put your mind on paper, by embellishing the notebook and making it your own this can be the ritual that gets the ball rolling, a dedication to the process of it.
Another thing these are great for, is gifts for friends and family, they are inexpensive, beautiful, personal, and made from the heart. We always need ways to conserve money in these times and show we care, this is that thoughtful, dynamite looking, and special gift that will keep giving after the wrapping paper is gone.

My daughter Sunnie came up with this wonderful Journal looking for a gift for her friend Aneesha.

Composition Notebook in the size you want- this one is 9 3/4" x 7 1/2"
Photographs of images- Sunnie used ones that her and her friend had take at the local county fair and the one of Aneesha for the inside cover.
Glue sticks or double stick tape
Crafter's Pick Ultimate Glue for heavier pieces
Ink Pens
Rub on letters
Assorted stickers
Magazines - Sunnie used Glamour
Card Stock or assorted scrapbook papers
Paper size labels for you printer I use these to print images of my own out and cut them out and use for my stickers
First she used the card stock to cover the label on the front of the journal and glued it in to place. Then she proceeded to cut out the flowers and glue them on the front and then added some words she had cut out from the magazine. You can see that in the top picture. She also added some stickers and more things cut out from magazines that reminded her of Aneesha.
She used the Sharpies and the rub on letters to add more words and write Journal on the card stock.
She then decorated the inside cover with a picture of her friend and more words and images that have meaning for her and her friend.
She also added a personal message to her there.
She added more things to the inside of the back cover to finish off the journal, a very nice touch in my opinion.
I want to make these now.
I have a lot of fortune cookie papers I have been saving for years, some of them have a real nice aging to the paper even. ;-O
I also thought, some of my friends could use one of these as a present, since my funds are a little low.
And what about the giant winter black hole holidays? I am liking this project a lot more.
Well I just had to make one for myself you know. I like green, leaves, nature, and positive affirmations (need positive affirmations). So I thought I will start mine that way.
I also like spirals and everything else you see on this front page here.
And instead of a black composition notebook I used a green one (walmart).
Some Loteria cards I made and copper letters I found. This is so much fun.
I have to go get some more note books.
This is the inside front cover of my journal, I have leaves and more spirals with bits of architectural embellishments here and there. It is starting to look a lot like me now. A little thinner and a lot less gray hair though.
I added a 24" length of ribbon to the back inside cover and glued it right next to the paper. Started at the bottom of the cover and when it was dry, it will fold over the top and down the inside cover. I added this to mark my pages. It is 1/4" wide ribbon.
The back of the cover has some writing and bar codes from the company that makes them, it is my personal opinion but, I didn't think it added much to the over all look of my nifty new journal so I covered it too. I also made a sticker on the label paper with my name and the date and cut that out and "signed" the journal on the back.
TAH-DAH!! Almost too nice to write in eh??? Not...
Fun? You bet ya.
I am hooked and am not going to wait to make Christmas presents, so I started some more for my nieces and nephews. I want to encourage them to write. You never know it might help them get along with their parents. They might even become something special with their writing. I think it is good practice anyway.
You just never know!
This one is for my niece and she loves black and white, skullies, hearts, dice and cherries, likes the little bit darker stuff of life. Thus the theme for this one and I am liking this one too.
I made this Vampire and I love the Statue of liberty so I added those to the inside front cover, that I hope will remind her of me. I am thinking now... maybe I could make her a different one.
I used a red ribbon so it matched the color scheme for the page marker.

And this is the back outside cover. I also finished off some parts of the journals with little clay flowers and spirals I made, a few rhinestones here and there and I am thinking about adding some glitter to them too. I am starting on my next one and I already have the 4th and 5th planned out in my head. I am warning you this could become an addiction. Could? HA!
The stores will be having back to school sales soon too and I am looking forward to that. If you find any interesting composition note books please let me know!
Have fun!
Marie Segal 7/09


kSbl said...

Oh I love all these ideas!

So great. I love journals and I am trying to get my boyfriend to start one.
Thx for all these awesome ideas Marie!

Marie S said...

Thanks and what a perfect "hey Honey let's make our jounals together" kind of project.
Never know where that could end up.

LDWatkins said...

What great ideas! Two of my grandsons would like these. I think I'll do them for time right now! Fun stuff!

Womans World Magazine said...

Marie this is truely FANTASTIC!!! Love it Cant wait to start on mine =)

Marie S said...

Thanks Lynda, I thought my daughter was so smart when she came up with this. I have made about 6 of them now. I am having so much fun.

Marie S said...

Thanks Carly I am so glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

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