Friday, January 29, 2010

dying for...

This week I fell in love with a story. The book is called Dying for Cake by Louise Limerick and I am currently riding out the grief of having finished it and desperately wanting more.

It's a story close to my heart. A story about 5 mums in a coffee group who are vastly different in their personalties and mothering styles but regardless, close friends drawn together because of their common ground of maternal lovin.

I loved the style in which the author wrote. So so real, laugh out loud funny and not too many big crazy words for us more "simple folk" (me!)

My newest friends names are :

Joanna. Who was the one the book is named from. she was dying for a piece of cake. Overweight and dowdy, but so in tune with her 2 boys needs. she was the most traditionally motherly figure and really the true hero of the story and of the group of friends although she never knew it.

Susan. Educated sharp business women. always aware of the time, itching to get back into a more fulfilling role where she felt in control at all times

Clare.  My favourite character and probably the one I most relate too. was extremely artistic and passionate in her youth but gave it all away after her child was born. she begins to realise it's part of who she is and she needs it back. I love Clare because she is always late (much to Susan's disgust) and as I read of her day and how things made her inevitably late I found myself right there with her in full agreement and empathy.

Wendy. Seems very 'normal' but actually a bit of a dark horse. This is one area of the story where I felt uncomfortable and slightly ripped off as things are left far more unresolved than as if it were real life.

Evelyn. Her baby is missing. she is silent and in a psychiatric ward. Although I have no personal experience with psychosis I am amazed at the authors interpretation. I love how Evelyn's thoughts are expressed. and in the end I was left with a feeling of such pity for her and you'll have to read to understand why but a feeling of awe after she did the the most self sacrificial thing a mother could do, even though her own family and friends could not understand her at all.

I wish it were a series. Or a weekly catch up over coffee and of course cake.