Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Driver Seat

At 35 years old, I am more comfortable in my skin then I have ever been in my entire life. I no longer need the validation from anyone to know that I am beautiful and smart. I wear what I want to wear, I no longer allow food to control my life, and I no longer hold malice and resentment in my heart. I feel free as bird to do as I please!

I made a decision about 3 months ago, to no longer depend on anyone else to make me happy. I have taken that responsibility back. I have made the decision to tell the people that I like, I like them, people who are toxic to beat it and people who inspire me thank you.

Sitting around dreaming about who I want to be is not enough anymore; I am now in the driver seat!

Are you driving, or still in the passenger seat?

Chantale Merchant


Marnie said...

Good for you Chantale! I felt that way when I entered my 30's. It keeps getting better and better. Now that I'm approaching 40, I don't recognize the person I was in my 20's.

Have fun zooming along :0)


Miss Kaye said...

Id confidently say Im 80% there... and Im 25. But Ive decided to intentionally hold off on that last 20% for as long as I can. Simply because its fun learning. :)

TMB said...

Great Post ... I am still in a pasenger seat but im riding shot gun! so almost there hehe

Womans World Magazine said...

Love this!