Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leftover Day of The Week

A national day of leftovers, actually exists. Yes, it does, November 27. I Googled it, because inquiring minds (I), want to know!

What I really wanted to know if there is a designated leftover day of the week. And, there's not! So, I'm proposing Thursdays. I want it put on a registry of some sort. Yes, I'm for real! Why wouldn't I be?

I know you're wondering why Thursday, and not any other day. This is my reasoning in a nutshell:

Sunday's, being the first day of the week, and we traditionally cook a big meal.

Monday, we're not ready for Sunday's leftovers, we just ate that!

Tuesday, especially since I started Project What's For Dinner, I want to cook something new!

Wednesday, well it's Wednesday. I don't have another reason just... how about tomorrow.

Thursday, we've passed hump day, and about to go into the weekend. There's enough food from the week, for what my mother calls CCC, catch as catch can! It just seems right!

Friday or Saturday take your pick. Have either something quick and light, or takeout.

Having a real leftover day of the week, would really help me out. My family can be a little funny, when it comes to leftovers. They have the audacity to say every once in a while, they don't want it. Having a real day, I can say... "It's Thursday dammit, the national leftover day of the week. And we're eating leftovers!"

So, are you on board? Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Leftovers; anything over 60 hours goes in the freezer or the garbage in this house, I'm always on the alert for food poisoning.


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La'Tonya Richardson said...

Secretia - That's a good idea, freeze it. My husband teases a lot, says I'm working on science experiments.

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