Friday, March 26, 2010

A walk in the park

As we drove home a few days ago, after Atlanta was becoming soggy under so much rain,  our car was filled with late afternoon sunlight. Surprising warm temperatures in the middle of our wet spell prompted a statement from the tiny voice in the backseat, “Maybe we can go to the park again soon.”

A hesitation on my part. The ongoing balance between the litany of things “to do” and the reminder that sometimes an impromptu visit to the park is a perfect addition to the day.  And the realization there will always be a litany of things to do. My response “Today seems like a great day to go” was received with a giant smile.

Sun pours between the trees as tiny feet race to the swings. As he only wants the “big kid” swings now, the set of bucket seats is ignored as he races by them. I remember those racing feet accompanied by racing heart when I was a kid. You know what comes next: Push me, Mommy!

And after several minutes he asks, “Do you want to swing too?”

I feel the pulse of the Blackberry ball and chain in my pocket. Just one more tool to remind me of tasks, emails, chores, upcoming appointments.

But yes, baby. I want to swing too.

Giggles are the primary soundtrack as we race to see who can go higher. Even when you have not sat on a swing in a long time, you never forget how to rise.  And for an unexpected detour, I embrace it.

And as my son laughs with his entire heart, he tries to mimic the moves as I rise higher.

I lift up.
Sunrays splashing through my arc.
I float through perfect air.
I remember how much I used to love this simple act.
And I remember the wonderment of freedom, freedom, freedom.

And yes, sometimes an impromptu walk in the park is a perfect addition to the day.  And I appreciate the reminder from my son that is a good idea for grown-ups to play on the swings once in awhile too. 

Have a great weekend. 


Paul C said...

I like the image Blackberry ball and chain. A walk in the park does put things in perspective.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

You will never regret decisions like this...ever.

Your children will remember them more deeply than you can imagine.

Good thoughts from a mom who has three (nearly) grown children...and knows. :)


Patty said...

We are never too old to play on a swing. Or do cartwheels in the cool grass. BlackBerry's don't like us to do that. They are programmed to know when we want to do a back flip or some silly thing that would be fun. It's a conspiracy. Beware of your BB. I have debugged mine.