Monday, December 21, 2009

I don't Double POST but this is Important.

I need your help, and I dont ask for it EVER...So here it is, I need you to send an email.

I know…I know. It take like all of 10 second to send one, but THIS ONE is important. My friend Elaine is on a mission to save her parents house & I want to help.

So instead of googling me, finding my address and sending me flowers in appreciation of all the funny crap I write here (which i know you were doing at THIS very moment), send an email. Elaine’s parents are losing their house.

After 23 year in my home town of Dublin, these first generations Americans were evicted earlier then was legal and are in a fight with Wells Fargo. For all the details see here.

WHERE YOU COME IN. Please cut and paste the following into an email and hit send.

Send to:
Subject: Edilberto & Cecilia Kamlley, 0030079628, Wachovia/Wells Fargo

Body: RE: Edilberto & Cecilia Kamlley 7660 Burnham Way Dublin, CA 94568 Loan number: 0030079628, Wachovia/Wells Fargo

To the Office of the President of Wells Fargo,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Kamlley family with a humble request that you might restore their hope for the holidays. For the past 23 years, they have proudly called themselves homeowners and raised their children and their grandchildren at their dream house located in Dublin, CA. I, [insert your name], support a decision by Wells Fargo (acquirer of Wachovia as of 2008) to reverse the foreclosure status at 7660 Burnham Way Dublin, CA 94568 and restore the loan to Edilberto and Cecilia Kamlley.

Simply put, this is not just a house; this is where a family started anew and cultivated their dreams here in America for nearly a quarter century. With your support, Wells Fargo will be able to give back a home to a family who not only raised their own in this house but raised a community. Sincerely,
[your name]
[Current City]

I know this seems like a dumb thing to ask for help on. But its not.

These people fed me. They let us cut class at their house. We highjacked their van to go on shopping trips. They let us crash on their couches. We spent counted hours playing you don’t know jack there. It was safe place to land. IT was the house with the red drive way.

It was a place where as an [awkward/confused/frustrated teenager] you could go and just be.

So please help me.
 Please help my dear friend Elaine.
Please help save Ed &Cecilia’s American dream. Happy Holidays

♥ Single Girl


Melissa said...

I forwarded the email and said a prayer for a change of heart on the part of Wells Fargo.

Single Girl said...

Thank you!