Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a snaggle tooth life

Trying hard to keep a right frame of mind here. Battling. Big time. In the midst of Christmas cheer posts on other blogs, "Be thankful for what we have got" posts and "we are CHOOSING to buy our kids less this year" spiels. I respect it all and I agree whole heartedly to banish this joy stealing commercialism that diseases such beautiful times as this season...I'm still struggling.

I've just spent the day traipsing kids to friend's birthday parties. To homes that are beautiful mansions I only usually see in magazines..What a dirty black cloud dis content is...

I am so incredibly blessed with an amazing, bright, healthy family. With our very own home. We have all basics that we "need". Still this vain imagination creeps in saying "But what about how THOSE people live?"  "How great THAT must be?" "How did they get there?" and "How come I'm JUST here?"....

Wrong isn't it.

Learning to be thankful for what I've got is easy when I don't compare to others. Staying that way and being happy for others blessings is a whole new ball game. Throw in a few kids or 4 who don't understand why they can't have things other kids may have and it becomes a blood sweat and tears defeat.

If I LET it.

On and upwards. Even writing this has dragged me out of the dusty cloud. I've got it pretty good. My life has "character" . I remember a girl I went to primary school with  and she had a crooked tooth that her parents decided not to get fixed as it gave her face character. Maybe that's what my life is about too.


Anonymous said...

hey! you posted it...awesome chicky!!!!
It will be interesting what response youget...I will be watching!
love ya friend!
and don't forget you are enough
stuff does not make you who you are
and character is what it is all about!!!!

Rachel said...

I am the Christmas Grinch. I don't appreciate all of this commercialism either!

Marnie said...

It's human nature to think these things. Nothing wrong with it at all. You are clear with your thoughts and most people don't take the time to do that. You have a lovely family and are a good can't replace that.