Monday, December 14, 2009

Spontaneous Runners

You ever see these people?

I'm usually coming back from The Publix or The Target when I see somebody jogging down the road and it always kind of freaks me out.
These people aren't running for their health, I don't think, because they're not dressed in workout clothes.
They're usually wearing blue jeans and big puffy coats since its cold now.
It makes me think maybe I should stop and offer assistance.
Maybe their house is on fire and they're running to the nearest phone because their's isn't working for whatever reason.
Maybe their kid is choking and they need to find someone who knows CPR.
What am I supposed to do in this type situation?
I usually just continue on my way and feel bad about not stopping but I don't want to appear all stalker-ish.
And if they really needed help, wouldn't they be trying to wave down help instead of jogging along?
Help me please!


Widge said...

lol I am one of those joggers! and yes I have a complex about it! Yesterday I was running in a flowery skirt and jandals (flip flops) but yes I had an excuse THIS TIME..I was late picking up my daughter from kindergarten.
When I run I wear jeans because I don't own "work out gear". And because I wouldn't be caught dead in lycra while I'm this chubby I will continue to run as a "spontaneous jogger" . I'm so much more aware of my complex now though..yes I had been worried about looking weird.

Anonymous said...

oh Widge!!! Let take a run together...shall we???
You in your jeans...and me in my joggers....honey how do you run in jeans????
you make me laugh!!!

Rachel said...

Widge, I'm sorry! Hope I didn't hurt your feelings!

Widge said...

lol not at all!