Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Real Women have curves!

This is what inspires me. Real women who are not afraid of who they are! If we let these contant messages of who we should be and what we should look like bombard us then we become nothing, Because we hide away what we really are if we feel we fall short. Seriously think how many times per day do you put yourself down ladies!! I want you to think what dictates your thoughts and where did that negative feeling come from . We know ourselves better than any other being on this planet so how about some support!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome Jess!


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA



I think there are many, many misconceptions. I have a huge problem with the way that weight is handled in the media. I hate that my daughter will grow up seeing images of women who are drastically under-weight, with the media portraying that image as the only kind of beautiful. As a mom, it leaves me a lot of extra work to do to teach her that people come in all shapes and sizes and that beauty is more than being as stick thin as a movie star.
I also think, and I hope you will hear me out, that the media pushes the agenda that as women and mothers, we can have it all. As a working mom, I think there is a misunderstanding of this statement that is being circulated. I have a fulfilling career, and a lovely daughter. I am active in my church and have a very full life. But, something must always be sacrificed. Some women are able to stay home and sacrifice their career, some women work and sacrifice time with their children. I always worry that I sacrifice the time that I have to serve others. Whatever it is that doesn't fit in, there is always something. There are not enough hours in the day to truly 'have it all.' I think the media puts a lot of pressure on women, individually, to fit the mold. I am surrounded by women at home that judge me for working, for women at work that judge me for wanting to stay home. The media supports the theory that there is one perfect way to live life, when in reality life is hugely personal and everyone is going to approach it differently.
I will now step down off of my soap box. I hope that all made sense...


This is a hard one as well. There are so many things that inspire me. My mom inspires me everyday. My daughter inspires me. All my family, really. I have a lovely photograph in my home that inspires me. People who know who they are, people who serve and love others, people on a journey that is their own. All of these things inspire me. (And when it comes to my workout, Gwen Stefani inspires me! :) )


I love all water sports. I love to travel. Reading is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love playing with my family, spending time enjoying each other. I really love swings. I am a huge movie fan and I love to watch box sets with my friends.


I think that women from around the world discussing their inspirations, disappointments, successes, failures and everyday lives is a hugely positive thing. I can't wait to hear about the experiences of other women, and I hope that I am able to contribute something worthwhile in return.
I have a weakness for pasta and tacos. Opposite, I know. And anything chocolate will find its way into my mouth.

Anywhere that my little girl is--especially in the water with her. Or spending time cuddling with my hubby.
Being a woman is truly an art. I am proud to be a woman because I was blessed to be able to grow another human being in my womb, to experience labor and childbirth. I am blessed and proud to be a mother. I am proud of being compassionate, and my womanly intuition. I am proud to be a woman because, as a woman, I am so very blessed. I hope I can use the gifts I have been given to help others.
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." This is one of my dad's little gems. It is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. I love it because it reminds me to be my own person and not allow myself to be judged or put down by others. He taught me to be confident in who I am, and to live my life doing what a good person would do. My dad is pretty much fabulous.

My personal blog, for about a year and a half. I started All the Lovelies (http://www.allthelovelies.blogspot.com/) as a way to express thoughts without having everyone I know see them. (And because most people who check my personal blog are just looking for pictures of my little one!) All the Lovelies is my creative outlet and I have only been blogging there for a few months. (And I have been grossly neglecting it lately. I promise to fix that!)

25, but I will be 26 at the end of June. I can't believe my life is going by so quickly!

Katie Noonan

I have to share this Australian Gem with you all. Her voice is so pure and soothing! I had the pleasure of meeting her at The Rocks in Sydney last year and she was so down to earth! Im currently watching her on T.V and felt inspired to share her with you all! I hope you enjoy!

She is an mix of jazz , pop and even a bit of rock. She was also in a band named George, as well as releasing her own fabulous cd's Time To Begin and Blackbird. Her song Special Ones by George always gives me goosebumps. Check her out if your interested its well worth it! My friend Eliza also has the same effect for me her voice is AMAZING! She just received news one of her songs are going to be put on a cd in the US! Good luck to her she is an awesome chick and really deserves it! You can check her out at: http://www.myspace.com/elizaellensayer

I would love to hear what else is out there what are some of your favourite bands/musicians?

Welcome Meg!




New York City (for now)


twenty-three. Though most of the time I feel like I’m simultaneously eight and forty-two.


I created my blog a year ago this July. And when I say I “created” it, I mean I clicked on all the appropriate buttons. However, my parents were so opposed to the idea of it, that I didn’t actually get the guts to really get going with it until late August.


The little things. Which is often what I love most about people’s blogs—the celebration of the seemingly mundane. I’m inspired by unexpected kindnesss. By people who are willing to laugh at themselves. By good books and good poetry. By the honesty and courage of women around me.


To read. To gallivant about in Central Park. To visit a museum. To spend time with my friends…even if it just consists of going to the grocery store together.


When I first visited Women’s World I was really struck by the idea of bringing women together—that no matter where we live or what our background is—there is more that unites us, than divides. This is by no means a new idea, but it is one that I’ve found the blogging community taps into better than any other outlet I know of. Again and again I’ve been struck by the women who echo my own concerns, my own fears, my own struggles. I feel less alone than ever before. And the women that form my support group come from the Europe and Australia and Asia—all over the world. And I’m humbled by this each and every day.


Do I have a favorite dish? Oh man, I have about fifty. When my mom’s cooking then it’s her version of sesame chicken that really lights my fire. Here in New York, Big Nick’s thin crust pizza is my version of heaven. And almost everywhere else I’ll take a cheeseburger any day of the week. Let’s put it this way: I’m a pretty cheap, and when it comes to food I’m almost always satisfied.


Lost in a good book at the neighborhood café.


Is that something that is truly feminine is devoid of strength. Look at female politicians. I’m not going to name names. But there is something so hard and masculine about most of them. And God forbid they shed a tear…they’re female and therefore weak! That’s so ridiculous to me. Is not empathy a form of strength? I think the thing that people are responding to in Michelle Obama is that she has not gone to either extreme. She has not made herself over in the mold of the man. And she’s not playing into some female stereotype that because she embraces womanhood in all it’s glory she’s not just as intelligent and charismatic as the men who run Washington. Am I being clear? I fear I’m not. What makes me proud to be a woman is the very thing the media can’t seem to get right. It is the balance of grace and strength—the true power in the ability to lower one’s head in reverence or humility—the full fledged love of all the shades of gray—that’s what makes me proud to be a woman.

As for THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE IVE EVER BEEN GIVEN, my grandmother always said “walk into the room as if you’re the most beautiful woman in it.” Own your life.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

9-1-1 Emergency!

I have a love/hate relationship with Summer.
In my community, it's been the topic of conversation for weeks with all my Mom friends. They have all been longing for school to get out so they can lounge by the pool with their kids, let the family sleep late, and take off on their extended family-vacations to their beach houses or mountain retreats.
My family? Not so much. As a working Mom, summer represents a whole new level of anxiety as I bounce Little Man from day camp to day camp to fill the weeks. Lego camp, Tennis camp, Science camp, Lacrosse camp, Football camp and on and on. And I have to make his freakin' lunch every day. It's a beating.
One of the nice things about summer is that with the change in season, it gets dark a lot later in the evening (around 9:00 pm). This means after dinner, we can still get outside and enjoy each other's company. I am fortunate to live on a fantastic block where almost every house has kids under the age of 10, so there is always a gaggle of kids running up and down the street playing ball or riding their bikes.
The other night was a typical example of what an evening on my street looks like. There were about 12 kids playing outside and Little Man was right there in the thick of it. Around 8:30 pm I was inside the house and when I hadn't seen him run by the window for about an hour, I went outside to investigate and just lay eyes on him for reassurance. I stumbled across a couple of my neighbors who were hanging out in one of the backyards talking. 4 neighbors turned into 6, then into 8 and before you knew it we were having a neighborhood block party.
Our neighbors are a spirited bunch and we have a lot of fun recounting stories about "who was your first kiss?" and debating "who is the greatest band of all time?" Now, keep in mind, that we have these little impromptu gatherings ALL THE TIME. We're talking primarily about 5-6 houses on our block who hang out together, so you are never more than 3 houses away from where your kids are.As the night progressed and it got darker, we brought the kids inside. A couple of the boys decided to watch "Indiana Jones" at my house. A couple of the girls wanted to watch "Hollywood Chihuahua" at another house next door. And for the parents who had little kids (under 5) they went home, put them to bed and when they were asleep the parents came back over to continue the conversation/debates.

One father in our group last night had a 7 and 5 year-old asleep at his house, about 3 houses down from where we were. He left us frequently throughout the evening to go check on the kids. And every time he would come back and say, "Still dead asleep." He was not the only parent there who had kids at home asleep. One Mom was holding a baby monitor in her lap listening for sounds of movement from her kids asleep in the house across the street.
Our gathering broke up about midnight and as we started to walk out from the backyard we see FOUR police cars at this guys house. He bolts towards his home and we are all standing there in shock wondering what the hell is going on. Turns out his 7-year old daughter had woken up, couldn't find her Daddy (the Mom was out of town), got scared and called 9-1-1.
He had just been at his house not 10 minutes earlier! I felt so bad for this poor guy. And for his sweet baby girl who was just doing what she had been taught to do - call the police in an emergency. The police grilled him for a while before they determined that all was well and it was an honest mistake. Poor guy. I can only imagine how horrible he felt. And how his wife will probably never let him live this down.
I couldn't help but think back to the case of Madeline McCann (Baby Maddie) who, about a year ago, was kidnapped from her vacation condo while her parents were having dinner and drinks with friends at the resort about 100 yards away. I had a lot of judgment about that case. I said, "How could those parents leave their small children sleeping and go out to dinner? And where they couldn't even see their house from where they were sitting?"
Yet, that's exactly what we were all doing. We were in someones backyard, where no one could see us. I know have a whole new perspective and sense of empathy for the McCann family. Looking back now, we can all say "That was such a dumb thing to do." Almost everyone I've talked to has told me they've done the same thing at one time or another. It was a scary situation I know will all keep with us for a long time to come and reminded me how every decision you make can have lasting repercussions.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some pictures of women who inspire me.

Cameron Diaz is just great!
Her new film coming out, My Sister's Keeper, looks amazing!

Sherri looks great!
I figure if she can lose those pounds, so can I!
{although... a personal trainer of my own would help! =p}

Can never stop loving the {original} of this picture: