Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pet Shop

With 4 kids in our busy little home we haven't got around to getting a pet yet. There has been talk and consideration over the years but Gooseman and I still haven't been brave enough to take the plunge and add to our energising brood.

There was a while back where we tossed up having a dog or a third child. I won and got my gorgeous baby girl. (And then a bonus prize of one more 18 months later). Now as the baby days are fading rapidly, we feel the need to add to our family. Gooseman feels the kids would benefit from the child/pet bond and responsibility it would bring. Me, I just want something cute and small to give a cool name too.

What to get? We have all agreed a dog would be most fun. But also the most expensive and work to look after. Gooseman and Miss 2 would settle for a cat, but cats give me the total creeps. We were offered a bunny in a cage when we brought our house so the previous owners would not have to bother moving it "Oh sure, no worries, the kids would love it" I said without thinking (as I do). Gooseman was not, however, so accommodating and I had to make a rather embarrassing phone call to say we would not be requiring their little bunny after all. Mice. ew. Guinea pig (small step up from mice).

Master 9 and 3/4 begged me this week to bring home his class budgie. I initially thought no, but he was persistent and I thought "what the heck", I never brought home the class pet when I was at school (I think it was a mouse) oh and Mexican walking fish...yeah pass.

So I went into school yesterday afternoon and picked him up with "Buddy the budgie". As I walked out of the class I (half) joked to his teacher "hopefully you still have a bird on Monday!" She had a look of utter horror on her face and asked if we had cats. "No. A 2 year old" was my answer. Then we bolted to the car before she broke Master 9's heart and retrieved her bird back. I was trying to drive real careful because I didn't want scrambled bird in my car.

We got home, dumped Buddy on top of the stereo cabinet and took off out to go to the school disco. In our rush I hadn't bothered to light the fire or shut the curtains. Gooseman arrived home a couple of hours later to find Buddy standing on one foot with all his feathers puffed out stone cold still. Our house was freezing! He moved him to a warm room and placed a towel over his cage, but the poor thing was completely shell shocked. I went to bed praying that Buddy would survive not only the night but the whole weekend at our house. Thankfully he moved this morning and stopped standing on just one foot! He has also made a few alarming squawks which Master 9 assures me is of normal "Buddy behaviour".

I sat watching him while I downed my green tea before and decided a bird is definitely not for me. It boringly stands there in a tiny cage, it's almost depressing. Gooseman calls him "the flying rodent" (only he doesn't actually fly).

I would really love a Shetland pony. Wonder what Gooseman will say to that?

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Cindy said...

Hahaha, LOVE that post! You have a gift for taking the everyday event and giving it the attention it deserves. Thanks!