Friday, September 25, 2009

Saved By 'The Lion'


I love my hair short! Recently I had this great idea to let it grow until my birthday, IN MAY.

Today, I'm thinking that was not such a good idea! It's in that 'In between stage,' and I'm having a bad hair day, for the second day in a row. Not long enough for a pony tail, yet too long to mouse and go, my hair is giving me the blues!

It's casual Friday, and spirit day at the university where I teach. I'm rocking a polo style shirt, and ball cap both displaying the school's mascot, 'Golden Lion.' That's as good as it's going to get today!

Now, I'm reconsidering letting my hair grow! I have two choices, wait a couple of weeks when my stylist can get to me, or go with the lady and Wal-Mart, who jacked my hair up once before. Hmmm, I'm caught on the fence!


Marnie said...

Go with the hairstylist you's worth the wait! Cheers, Marnie

Anonymous said...

yes yes please wait and go to the stylist!!!!!
-a hair stylist's plea

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Thanks for the advice Marnie and Cat. A few years ago, I would have tried it myself. I learned a HUGE lesson!

Hair stylist, I AM NOT!

Tressa Bailey said...

I have to admit I had a recent Walmart bad hair day cut recently too! Thank God my boss was a stylist before she became my boss!

Looking good = added confidence.

Go only with a hairdresser you trust.