Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Wishy Washy-ness of Romance

Has there ever been a time in your single or "before marriage" life that you were so absolutely torn on what to do romantically?
Have you ever felt yourself seriously attracted to two amazingly great guys but couldn't decide which one?
Did you date losers before them and then the two Mr. Wonderfuls had to show up at once and screw your whole system up?
Did you pull out your hair and grow new wrinkles as you agonized over which of the Two Awesomes would be the better choice?
What did you do?
What advice was given to you and what advice did you take?
Please help!



Intriguing questions...
got me thinking & pondering!
Lovely weekend~

SoFiA said...

Actually Rachel that happened to me before I started dating my current boyfriend of now 4 years.

I had huge crushes on him and another guy that we worked with. He was a very close friend and my boyfriend and I were just getting to know each other.

At that point, I really was hoping more for the fact that one of them would give me a positive sign of "Let's take this one step further" kind of sign. Well, my current boyfriend definitely made the boldest move.

We had planned a trip to NYC (including my other crush) and he told me that he couldn't get off work and he couldn't go. Low and behold he surprised the crap out of me when he showed up the morning of and was ready to go. That made me realize he was really into me. That he was willing to surprise me and make me happy by coming on the trip.
So I don't know if this answered any of your questions at all, but I would actually just advise you to see which one of the two guys make the first move.

Good luck!
If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask:

Rachel said...

Thanks, Sofia!