Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seriously, the Cranberry Sauce Was a Steal!

Things I Have Learned in the Approximately Four Months Since I Have Graduated College and Therefore Entered What Has Been Intimidatingly Described to Me as "The Real World":

1. The delicate art of layering clothing to ensure optimal warmth and minimal periods of freezing/sweating
2. How to surf the sale shelf at our local grocery store, which is one of man's most beautiful inventions. Hello, all the cranberry sauce I could ever need!
3. That sometimes galoshes really are a fashion statement (in Southeast Alaska, at least).
4. I really can live a full and worthwhile life without cable on my TV
5. Netflix is a beautiful, beautiful thing (see #4)
6. There is incredible beauty in living simply
7. Working to live instead of living to work is really where it's at
8. Getting snail mail is the deserved source of much excitement
9. Refrigerator magnets are essential when trying to make a house a home

Like most post-graduation myths and legends, I've realized that life in The Real World isn't that bad. It's not all walking seven miles in the rain and snow to an underpaying job and coming home to a dirty house full of screaming kids and overdue bills. It includes walking only about two miles in the rain to an admittedly underpaying job and coming home to a house containing a few misplaced shoes and dirty dishes, completely manageable bills on the teeny tiny kitchen table, and a Beta fish and a new husband who are both very excited to see me.

Blame the rain thing on living in Southeast Alaska.
The rest isn't all that bad.