Saturday, May 1, 2010

A smack upside the head....

I had to laugh as my friend posted this status on her Facebook page:

Please copy and paste this to your status if you know someone, or have been affected by someone, who needs a smack upside the head. People who need a smack upside the head affect the lives of many. There is still no known cure for someone who deserves a smack upside the head, except a smack upside the head, but we can ...raise awareness. Many won't copy and paste this. I did. Will you?

I didn't copy and paste it, but it got me thinking. We are all not perfect, but there are things that we see (or have happen to us) in our day-to-day lives that should be corrected. We've become so PC in this society...almost to the point of which you are frowned upon for standing up for yourself or for simply doing your job as a spouse, parent, employee etc.

I'm not advocating that everyone start slapping one another silly (well perhaps on occasion), but the point remains that if we don't stand up and speak up for ourselves then our situation can not and will not change. If something is annoying you, it's most likely annoying other people too.

My daughter is in SK. She is 5. I love volunteering in her class for the simple reason these kids say what they mean. They pull no punches. If they don't like something, they will let you know. At times it's comical. I say comical because it's so refreshing to see such honesty. It would be more difficult for them to not speak up. We were all like that at one point. Along the way we change and become more scared to speak up. We start to care too much about what others might think.

I think the SK's in my daughters class are starting to rub off on me! I have noticed that I'm speaking up more and let me tell you it's served me well. I figure it's better to say something than to go home and stew about it. We need to re-learn some of what was taught in SK.

For those of you who do speak up, great! For those who need to, I highly encourage it. I view it as a form of self love.

All the best,



**** April **** said...

I completely agree with you 100% Political correctness has run amuck in this country to the point that we're not allowed to say OR do anything for fear of offending SOMEONE... maybe! How STUPID!?!

After my first marriage tanked, I really DID learn to stand up for myself and it really IS an empowering thing to just put it out there... this is how it is and this is what I think of it. I'm beyond honest now and I think people appreciate that quality because they konw they'll get the truth (good, bad or ugly) whenever they ask me a question. I don't sugar coat anything with friends and I certainly don't do it with my kids either.

In fact, my 5 year old told my mother-in-law yesterday that "my mother hates the government." She had to chuckle and ask, "WHY?" His reply? "They have cameras." I got into this entire conversation with my 10 year old about how city governments are starting to put cameras everywhere to generate more tax revenue from tickets and how I don't agree with "big brother"... and Drew (my 5 year old) was eavesdropping. It's funny the pieces of conversations he picks up on...but hey, again, no sugar coating! :)

Marnie said...

I'm glad to see ou are doing this April :0)

Anonymous said...

I finally spoke up to someone this weekend who is a victim of pc overdrive. I got fed up, told him to quit making judgements about me simply because I'm American, and let him know I no longer felt comfortable having open conversations with him. He left, and was apparently upset that I didn't "chase after him", and soothe his feelings! Reality Slap please!
Thank you for this post, it goes right along with the previous one: "Not Everyone is Going to Like What I Have to Say". Both messages were there when I really needed them. Thanks again.

alicia said...

You have two great blogs. And you live in NEW ZEALAND? SO jealous.
There are days I would like to do more than just slap someone upside the head, but it's a great place to start.

Cindy said...


That post just gave me the funniest mental image of everyone just smacking each other. It also encouraged me to speak up today! Thanks :)

Marnie said...

@ Alicia, thanks for your comments. I wish i lived in New Zealand. I live in Canada. Perhaps you are thinking about Widge on here...she is the lucky bum :0)

@ Cindy...I know that is a funny image :0) Nonetheless I'm glad you spoke up today. Felt good didn't it?

Anonymous said...

You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and hardly found any specific details on other sites, but then great to be here, seriously, thanks...

- Andre

Anonymous said...

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