Sunday, November 22, 2009

A cell phone bust

My friend, Kaari and I were out for lunch one afternoon when Jesse, her 11 year old son, texted her to let her know that he was done with classes for the day. She texted him back letting him know that she was wrapping up lunch with me and would be there soon to pick him up.

It was then that we decided that I would to shoot him off a text to have a little fun with him.

The following transcript is our text exchange:

C: Hey Jesse hows it going?

J: Sup watdo y want

C: Just wondering what your doing

J: Nothon much im just goin over to nix what er u doin

C: Do you know who I am?

J: Jason

C: no try again

J: Ashleigh oh ya

C: think a little bit older

J: Wat th hell

C: Pardon me?

J: K cut th crap wo are u

J: Are u justin

C: No It is Catherine and you are in such trouble.

J: Sorry so much i thought u were a guy from school so sorry your number came up as a number I thought was one of my friends so sorry

C: I am with your mom she is coming to pick you up right now

J: Ya so sorry bye

LOL so busted. Kaari and I had a good laugh of those tears flowen’ kinds of laughs.

Oh so good...

But, really, just to top it off, you should have seen him when he had to come for a haircut this last week! Just a little embarrassed...poor poor Jesse, couldn’t even look me in the eye. Had to give him a big hug before he could relax and chat like usual.

Just had to share that one.


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Traci said...

Too, too funny!!!!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

That's really funny. I will say that one of the few pleasures in parenthood is busting your kids chops like this. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.