Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For a while now we have been aware of the fact that our beautiful Black Walnut Tree, in our back yard, put it plainly....taken over. It has almost, I dare say, doubled in size since we moved in almost 7 years ago. It sits centre of out back yard and brings much shade in the summer, too many leaves for The Horticulturalists liking in the fall and much food for the squirrels heading into winter. It is a gorgeous tree that we have really really enjoyed. BUT this summer it proved to be a hinderance to The Horticulturalist’s new green house as it shaded the green house for a large portion of the day....not so good. It also took over much of the garden’s sunlight as well. Then there was the random falling branches...mmmm....yes not so safe in a back yard used by children.

So the decision was made, the man with the experience was with the best price of course...and last week, on a sunny day...the deed was done.

It went so quickly, you could not believe how fast that guy jumped around that tree cutting her back. (We did not take her totally down...we just had her cut way way back.)

Quick it was, just like that, within 30 minutes her branches, of all sizes, were strewn all over the back yard and she stood a little sad looking and naked a totally new tree, in our, now, very open back yard.

But it had to be done, there was no question as her growth and size was over powering everything else's growth in the yard. Things that needed as much light as she did were just not getting what they needed. And so we had to let go, cut her back, and let in the light.

It is like that in our lives. Sometimes there are things we have to let go of to move forward to where we need to be. Sometimes we need to cut back on something or even someone to get our own head straight so we are walking a clearly lit path instead of something muddled and grey.

There is nothing like feeling clear of where you are going, to feel the sun on your face, to see the path in front of you. To have those things we must continue to till our lives, tend to our needs, and feed our souls. You cannot feed your souls when you are covered or hiding. You cannot live while you lay scared in the dark. What is it that keeps you there? What is it that wears you down?

What ever it is, it is time to cut it is time to let it go. It can even be something as beautiful as a tree that offered so much, and really was just doing what it was meant to do....but when something else suffers, when the balance is so shifted, when the other side withers, life will not remain, and eventually it leaves.

I am a very sentimental person. I become attached, I feel things deeply....everything matters.

I have learned that as seemingly painful as letting go appears...there is a deep amazing beauty that it holds. There is a freedom. I found that after I learnt that letting go does not mean cutting off or turning ones back. You can let go and still can let go and still face that which you have let go of and pour your love and light into it. You still can enjoy it, be a part of it, exchange colours with it (The Shack). There is a place where the spiritual side of life takes over and allows for such things to happen....but it is us who bring it there. It is us who lay these things down at our Creators feet who then guides us to our place of freedom.

And in this process something new is born...a whole other experience, a whole other life level, a whole new world (Alladin)....and it is good.

I wasn’t sad to see the tree go, she had really taken things over. I am glad to see her still here and I am excited to see how she will grow these years to come. I am excited to see how the Horticulturalist’s green house will fair now with full time sun. I am excited to see the garden even do better next summer. I am also curious to see how much hotter the house will get without her shade. I wonder if the squirrels will not be around as much. But these are all mysteries at this moment...I am just glad to see the light.

This is the gift she gave us...beautiful Black Walnut Wood that we will use and sell for carving.

We had no idea that this is what her wood would look idea of her “inner” beauty.

Cutting back will allow new growth and new life.

Cutting back can free inner beauty...the souls beauty

Letting go allows freedom.

Letting go allows peace.

Letting go is truly an act of selflessness and grace

Peace be to you

Peace be to you

Peace be to you