Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey All

So the brainstorming has begun for our new .com online magazine which will be up and running early next year! Lea has been pouring her heart and Soul into design, and I have a couple of features and A NAME on the go.
It will be the same sort of set out as this Blog only it will be a proper trademarked site for all you wonderful women. With a bit more organisation! We will be having all our regular contributors which you love reading about and more! So stay in touch and head to our online Forum if you would like a say in what the new site! Please do all suggestions welcome and feel free to email me if you would like to get on board.




Kimi said...

I write a weekly column (http://somanykidssolittletimecolumn.blogspot.com). If you are in need of a humor column I'd love to contribute.

Womans World Magazine said...

I will check it out sounds great!

Sharnanigans said...

I'd be interested - if you like my style - I am in Australia