Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumpkin Protest

Ok I intend NO OFFENCE in this post but seriously, what is going on over in the Northern Hemisphere that requires everyone dedicating their blog posts to pumpkins???? I realise Halloween is coming up but I thought it was at the end of October? In our family we choose not to celebrate it. Ultimately because Gooseman and I agree that is not part of our culture over here in NZ and the "trend" to bring it in over here seems pointless and more insane reason for over the top commercialism. I see the whole fun aspect it can appeal. Dressing up is always fun and trick and treating SOUNDS fun in theory (until the nutters of this world wreck it for all) but it brings me to thinking how different us New Zealanders really are over here. We don't tend to grab hold of the hype that other countries do.

So recently I've come across a whole array of pumpkin delights from pies, dips, pumpkin softies, home decorations, even pumpkin lattes! I can't even get my kids to eat a bit of roast pumpkin in this house.

Since becoming a parent I dread this time of year coming up because my kids are accustomed to so many American TV shows they see halloween as something fun that we are making them miss out on. Every year the moaning has increased and the questions of why we don't go out trick and treating is asked. Local community groups offer discos or alternative halloween parties to attend which I guess are a much safer way to celebrate but it all boils down to the fact that it means absolutely nothing to us as a nation. We aren't even in the right season and I don't know anyone in this country who eats pumpkin as a dessert. (Chippie sandwiches *snort*).

So it's got me thinking.......
what could NZ do to bombard the world with our way of life? Do you support halloween, and what do you do with your family?


Ange said...

Don't celebrate Halloween much in France but definitely loooooooove Pumpkin (and mushroom) season! It's all that lovely orange everywhere!! Keep up the interesting read fellow kiwi girl. Ange

Womans World Magazine said...

Its the same here in Australia! My best friend is from NZ and she has shown me the hucca it looks like fun maybe you could introduce that to the world LOL

Lia said...

Makes me want to move to NZ :) (I live in America). Good post!

Anonymous said...

Love the post Widgey...still love to dress up and and eat things with pumpkin but I am picking up what you are putting down!
Pumpkin spiced Latte...yum yum!!!
No offense taken.... @ : ^ )

Anonymous said...

As a Kiwi who lives in Australia and is getting married to an American from California, and who will in around 3 years be moving to Hawaii to live....um I just go with the flow LOL. Too many cultures in one house to battle too hard. Plus my sons birthday is Halloween, he loves the Halloween theme for his parties, his birthday his choice.
What should us Kiwis introduce to the world tho? LAMINGTONS. mmmm cant live without a lamington now and again.
Actually come to think of it, i do believe that it would go really well with a pumpkin latte!
Love the Kiwis though for always walking to our own beat :)
Arohanui (with love) in the native language of New Zealand, the Maori language.

Marnie said...

I live in Canada and we celebrate Halloween. It's a holiday I could personally do without as I don't like opening my door to strangers etc. It's not just kids going door to door for candy...I had an unexpected visitor last year. They came by because they figured I would be home shelling out candy. Had a hard time getting rid of them! Arrrr!

I like pumpin pie etc. so that can stay :0)

Cindy said...

I'm not a huge fan of the commercialism associated with pretty much every holiday now (by the way, Boss' Day is coming up, have you gotten your Hallmark card yet?), but I love fall. And up here in the Northern Hemisphere, fall means pumpkins. In my household, we're celebrating the change of the seasons, the last bit of sun before the dark season, and the general beauty that we get from bright falling leaves and cheery orange pumpkins. I'll indulge in some candy corn now and again, but by and large Halloween is not a huge thing for us.

And, sorry on behalf of America for our annoying habit of forcing our traditions on the world. I'm rather fond of your idea of spreading something from NZ. Bring it on, I'll spread it up here in Alaska!