Sunday, October 18, 2009

One should always stay in touch

With their inner child.

Mine is a bit of a misfit and delinquent. Halloween brings it out in me. I get this irresistible urge to prank people.

Hello, my name is Tressa, and I'm addicted to harmless pranking. There I've said it. There is no cure and I am about to fall off the wagon. We have a blue moon this month. It has to be a sign!!!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I just call this one RANSOM. We all know that person who has an unnatural affection for some common everyday item. It could be a remote control, a service bell, a door wreath. You must obtain that item and replace it with an appropriate ransom note. I like to actually cut out magazine letters and paste them on paper, but there are several ransom note generators on the internet that you can access for free. Be sure to ask for cookies or something you really covet like that green sweater. The real trick is to do all this unnoticed. It takes a bit of planning. Its best to make the swap during a family gathering. More people more better. You want to increase the suspect pool as much as possible. Be sure to leave the ransom note in the same place that the item was whether it was between the couch cushions or hanging on the door. Then wait.

Collect your goodies, return the item and expect to get busted....but hopefully you will have cookies so it won't matter.

Another favorite of mine is the GIFT WRAPPED CAR. It takes 2 people. This works best on older models with old fashioned grip handles but can be adjusted for other models. You will need soft rope, thick yarn or satin ribbon for this one. A lot of it....we are talking 10 yards or more depending on how thorough you want to be. Make sure its soft and the color won't run--you don't want to damage the paint job. You and your partner align on opposite sides of the car and basically wrap it up from under the car to over the car. Then I like to tie a pretty bow on top. I knot it so that my prankee gets the full idea. When the prankee tells you about this...laugh and pretend you didn't do it.

My sloppier sister once pulled this prank on my clean-freak sister: I just call it NEXT TO GODLINESS. It was Halloween and we were taking all our children out together. I was my sloppier sister's foil. We explained to our clean-freak sister that she wasn't feeling well, so of course the clean freak and I would be the ones who took her children with us while she rested. This gave sloppy sister a good 2 hours at neatniks house. Sloppy pulled a lot of small pranks....moving around knic knacks and personal items to make her go "hmmmmm", changing the way the cabinets were organized and that sort of thing but my favorite of all was when Sloppy soaped her windows from the inside out!!!! OMG it was 3 days before we told the neatnic that we'd done it..... The trick is...use mirror writing. It was beautiful.

Wow I can really feel my inner juvenile delinquent coming out! No I won't go crashing parties tonight! However if you ever want to, the trick is to hang out with your punch glass sipping until you catch the name of a popular person. Then go up to that person and tell them "Wow...OMG haven't seen you in freakin forever......" Trust me, the popular ones never want to give it away that they don't remember you and you are in.....
Happy Haunting!


Elise said...

I so agree with you., Fab post

Marnie said...

Brilliant! I really laughed at the ransom notes...1 million doll hairs...beautiful :0)))

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.