Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shelf Life of Makeup

So I posted this on my blog and I had no idea that some make-up things do not have that long of a shelf life!
Who knew! Why did no one tell me???
I am so new to all the make-up stuff that this pretty much shocked me!
Did you know mascara needs to be thrown away after only 3 months??
Me? Nope. Didn't know that!
So if you are like me, a newbie at the whole make-up thing, keep yourself informed!
This is a good little article online about it.
Although you would think I would link expiration dates with what happened to me about a year ago. I got pink eye and I am pretty sure it was because of my eyeliner I was using.
Didn't know that to "clean it" you were supposed to roll it over some tissue from time to time then use it. Know where I got that little tidbit of info? The doctor I went to see to treat the pink eye! (Which sucks soo bad! Hope to never get pink eye again! *knock on wood*)
Also, did you know that make-up companies aren't required by the FDA to include expiration dates? Hmmm... should we be worried about this? I mean, everyone goes crazy about food and their expiration dates because it is what we put in our mouths and stomachs. But, should we be a bit more worried with make-up?
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I mean, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara is going onto our eyes which are sooo susceptible to
many infections and putting stuff day in and day out that might not have an expiration date on it, how are we supposed to know it is safe?
What if we go to the store, buy the "on sale" beauty product, but it's on sale because it's been there for so long? Would you feel "safer" and better about buying it if it were dated and had an expiration date on it?
I think I would!

And speaking of make-up: can anyone recommend a good primer that doesn't go over $15??? I hate the creases I get when I wear eyeshadow and need to get a primer ASAP. If you can recommend one you really like, that won't break my wallet, I would gladly appreciate it.
Thanks for reading!

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Marnie said...

It can be very confusing for sure. Now, most manufacturers will put an expiry date on most of the packaging. I've noticed the 12M and 24M markers on a lot of packaging. With the exception of mascara (I toss it after 3 months) I follow an old rule of thumb...if it's been cracked open, toss it after a year. This would hold true especially with containers where you dip your fingers into, jars etc. Squeeze tubes and pump bottles are more sanitary.

Good article!

SoFiA said...

Marnie - thanks for the advice there.
I gotta go shopping for new make-up now! haha.

Marnie said...

Shopping for Make-up is always a good thing :0) Have fun!

Tish said...

Hi Sofia! If you're looking for an eyeshadow primer that's under $15, try ELF mineral eye primer. It's almost like UDPP --- color and performance --- except that it's more liquid in consistency compared to UDPP. And of course, being that it's from ELF, it surely wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket at $3. It's also a plus factor that the tube is as simple as it can be, nothing fancy like the UDPP genie bottle (I have to admit, the genie bottle is such a cute addition to anyone's vanity table; but when it comes to the amount of product you get with these two brands' packaging, ELF wins over UDPP hands down). With ELF Mineral Eye Primer, you get more with what you pay.

I sound like an endorser for ELF. haha! Good luck!

SoFiA said...

Tish - just read your comment and wanted to say thanks. =)

I hope I find the one you are talking about. and at $3 - what else can be better???