Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Happening in Juneau

Up here in this woman's slice of the world, things are getting weird.
People are greatly resembling squirrels.

Given, there's no scavenging for nuts and running up trees, but there is a great deal of stockpiling and hiking, nestling and running around. And I've got to say, it's simultaneously the strangest thing I've ever seen and the most warming.

It's getting to be winter up here in Alaska, and unlike any other place I've ever lived, people are genuinely getting ready for it. Houses are being insulated. Car tires are being changed. Winter apparel is being bought or made or mended. Produce is being picked and preserved. Blankets are being made. Vitamin D is being stockpiled in huge quantities as the hours of sunshine diminish along with visits from tourists. On the days when it's sunny, people come out in droves to simply walk around in the sun. They bike. They hike. They kayak. And then they go home and put away their equipment because it might very well be the last time they get to use it for eight months. And me? As this is my first Alaskan winter, I'm standing in the middle of it all with my mouth hanging open. It's a sight to see for sure, but it's also so refreshing to watch people actually change with the seasons, working with nature instead of against it. When I lived in New Hampshire, Autumn meant bringing in the patio furniture from the deck and hanging some Indian corn on your door. Here it's a genuine time of preparation, hence the squirrel thing.

And I'm lovin' it.



Anonymous said...

I grew up in the north and really miss that part of winter. I now am in the south were none of that kind of preparation happens....something is always missing for me.
Love you blog BTW!

Marnie said...

Great post.

Lia said...

Yeah I'd actually just like different seasons, period. It's perpetually summer here :(
Good post!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

We are heading into glorious fall weather and I am being quite the camera bug. It is gorgeous. If only it were not followed by winter. :-)